Adapters and Filters

Adapters and Filters

One of the many attractions to the new RF mirrorless mount system is the ability to use my existing EF lenses. I’ve chosen two different EF to RF adapters, one which has control ring for use wiht my wildlife lenses. The other is a very sweet drop in filter version that allows me to use 52mm drop in filters behind my EF lenses.

This offers a lot of advantages. Firstly, I get to use filters on lenses that currently very difficult to use filters with. Lense like my trusty but bulbous TS-e 17mm F4 L. It’s a beautiful optic but very difficult to use any filtration with it. Not any more…I can now use my rear filters! Another advantage is that I no longer need front mounted filters, my smaller sub set of filters works with all of my lenes and I don’t need step rings or the same filters in different sizes. I used to carry 3/6/9 stop ND’s, a polariser and IR filter in both 82mm and 77mm. That’s 12 filters and it was very expensive when I dropped one.

I’m also finding that having the filter behind the lens is a lot better optically. I’m seeing less flare in direct sunlight. Less Ghosting and more even filtration across the frame. My new polariser is working better than any I’ve tried before and the new Meike ND’s are the most neutral that I’ve ever used. The VND is better than Canon’s and is fully usable across it’s range of 9 stops. All VND’s have a polarisation effect on the image too…but sometimes that’s actually what I want. I often used to stack a 6 stop and a CPL and then drop to a 3 stop and CPL as the light dropped. Now I can do that with one filter.

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